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Free Art LotteRaffleRy 20.1 Winner...
First thing first. So, what is the name of...
<- this chaos sorceress?
According to you, she is Evelynn Faye Gael Kaelin Rina Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Besca IV Orianna Elia Monika Thalia-The-Moghty-Rainbowmancer Romanabanandaiquiri Morgan Nisha Nomi Rebecca Esebeth Servia Tiffany-the-Dazed Talia Belalia Selena Stormmaker Elena Anah-Auru-Anark-the-Amazing-Half-Elf Dissonance Anselma Alenia Dinaki Savannah Sundancer Shiro Ayame Gisidra Kismet Ollina Belladonna Absinthe Chispa Rose Black Juliana Miriam Joisane Surge Aniyah Dae Evos Mirelle Denyris Ramona Veshta Samantha Linnore Radia Kanema Elethunari Rumelia Atocia Mariella Yaroslava Tessa Katerinna Tara... Bob.
But everyone just calls her Whatever.
The dice program picked "3" so the winner is...
Congratulations! The prize will be... free art. :)
Had a free day, so here is the prize already!

FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions
:iconsirtiefling:SirTiefling 11 151
These are stone killers, little man... by LaughingAndroid These are stone killers, little man... :iconlaughingandroid:LaughingAndroid 16 5 Knit Anele by saltytowel Knit Anele :iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 64 40 Eye of Czech Republic by ryky Eye of Czech Republic :iconryky:ryky 1,567 239
A Happy Birthday to Tink!
Oh yes, a big surprise for you dear Tink :iconmitsukitinky:!
All are welcome to wish her a Happy Birthday! <3
Vlad (Salty):
You're the randomness that entered my life and that of many others, a randomness that took shape and evolved into something more corporeal, something more corporeal that has turned into a partner in a pursuit of a personal project together with me and honestly the kindest person I ever met! Seriously. Like, for real. Yo.
Jan (:iconsquirrel-slayer:) and myself organized this small party in honor of your Birthday and invited a few friends over to congratulate you with words and gifts!
I personally wish you a boatload of happiness, a truckload of joy and more different kinds of metaphors with vehicles that are supposed to bring a smile to your face!
We fell in love with your personality and attitude towards life and other people and hopefully you'll continue being our friend after we've embarrassed you so thoroughly.
Jan (Squirrel Slayer): 
:iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 6 92
Wig Bag Trio Teaser! by saltytowel Wig Bag Trio Teaser! :iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 114 37
A call for kindness
Hi everybody!
I have mixed feelings about posting this specific journal. Please bear with me, as the wording has been hard to come by for me.
My aunt Perla (whom I call Titi) got diagnosed of breast cancer too late, so she has metastasis of the liver and need a expensive treatment to give her enough time to be there for her three daughters for a little bit more (they're all very young). No one in the family's rich (or anywhere near it), so a gofundme was opened to help get the money for the treatment. 
The diagnosis was quite a shock and much too late, so this treatment is the ONLY choice she has. 
So I'm calling on your kindness. If you feel like donating, praying and/or sharing, I'd be very grateful for it (obviously my aunt even more and her daughters and husband).
Here's the link:
When I was 9 years old she took me to Disneyland, and gave a very happy time which was something that my parents couldn't afford, and I keep those mem
:iconmoonkestrel:MoonKestrel 1 80
Free Art Lottery 1020 Winner!
Okay, thanks for participating (and faving the journal)! This "LotteRaffleRy" was big. :)
The random number generator picked us "179" and someone guessed it precisely. That someone is
Congratulations. Your prize: free art picture. :)
The whole "fave the journal"-rule was a scientific experiment. Getting this extra-attention is nice, of course, but I think I'll keep these lotteries small and personal in the future. I don't, understandably, want someone to come in just for the lottery and free art potentiality. But we'll see...
The next sirtiefling-event should be one of them "use your creativity"-contests. So be ready. :)
FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Do I take commissions? Sorry, no. (I'm glad I don't need to do this for a living!) The only commission-ishy exceptions have been the times when someone has extended my premium membership. Please don't extend it and expect me to be in a commission-bondage situation with you without my permission. It will not
:iconsirtiefling:SirTiefling 82 172
Hi, I'm Hexahedron by Severka Hi, I'm Hexahedron :iconseverka:Severka 23 6 Serenity Now by OtisFrampton Serenity Now :iconotisframpton:OtisFrampton 1,775 112


Czech Republic
Welcome everyone, who has lost his way and came here:)
I am slightly weird guy with roots in Moravia and mind flying in far and unreal lands:) Some people consider me a DnD gamer, sci-fy and fantasy geek, some for tramp (in a sense of hiker), other for an archer and sword-fighter and the most realistic ones for a webdesigner:)
After a long hesitation I have made my own account here on deviant; not for thinking that my pictures have some great value. My drawing skills are not on a very high level and I do not do any courses or training of any kind, I draw (or take photos) only for fun and as a relaxation and sometimes try something new (as a woodcarving for example) just to know if I am able to do it, so I suggest you to take these pictures only as a fun and no art (with respect to your nerves:)). But of course feel free to comment. After some time I noticed, that most of my pictures of characters are girls... Don't know why, I find them more attractive to draw:)
And as to my name... Squirrels are an Evil!:)
PS: I don’t use my English regularly, so be tolerant, please:)

Current Residence: Uherské Hradiště, Czech republic
Favourite genre of music: Czech folk, soundtracks...


My sister started to play guitar too and every time we meet, I keep asking her, if she has a capo (the answer is obviously "no"). So she had a birthday recently and I decided to make her one:) The title "cejilla" is probably just spanish word for "capo" but is often used for the traditional flamenco capo. The wood is mulbery treated with beeswax and linseed oil, the peg is ebony but it is bought (usual violin peg), the string is a silk cord, the leather are some leftovers probably from my boots:) - I wanted to use as many "natural" materials as possible, no synthetic stuff because my sister is very bio person. The dimensions are cca 5,5x1,4x2(or 5,3 with the peg)cm.
Because of the shape, I call it wind up toy key mouse:) (but the Czech translation is much nicers)
Also, my sister already had her birthday but we didn't meet each other since then so she hasn't got it or even seen it, so don't tell her... I hope she doesn't find this:)
Somehow, this happened... And I am still having troubles to find a proper name for it. I would love to say it was inspired by a song, because in my mind, it should have a song, but it wasn't and I can't remember any song that would fit it (and I would like it). I believe it was inspired by a girl, as usual... Girl that loves her freedom more than anything. Imagine you love her too and you would like to give her anything in the world but that would tie her down in her eyes. So you realize the only think you could give her, are wings and let her fly in the sky. But in the end, wouldn't such wings be too much for her?
It is 5,5x4,5cm big (the stone is 1,7x1,7cm big heart), handcarved with swiss army knife from cherry wood, polished with sandpaper and treated with a mixture of beeswax and linseed oil. The stone is malachite and just sits there with no glue or anything but is fixed quite well. And I spend so much time with it that I probably is unvaluable and I will probably never give it away:)    
Breacon Beacons Sunset
And one more sunset. As the title says, this one was taken at the southern end of Brecon Beacon Hills. It was our last night in the camp and again, the coulds were just doing this beautiful art while we were doing our dinner. It was half hour long amazing sky show and we just stood there at the parking spot and watched amazed.    
Last night in Snowdonia
Our las night in Snowdonia, we spent on a beatiful pasture on a hill south from Pont Aberglaslyn, next to a small hut called Llŷs. It was a magical place with a rowan tree old hundred years that looked just like from some king Arthur or Robin Hood story. There was no camp there but it was so beautiful we were trying to find the owner and thank him or pay something for letting us stay there, but nobody was there, only sheeps. We were going to leave Snowdonia the next day so she gave this amazing sunset as goodbye. The clouds were very low and running very fast and sun was doing this colourful magic... And just in these clouds, there is Snowdon, hidden... I was waiting for it to peak out just for one shot but it didn't, it is probably too mysterious mountain to let itself get photographed.
Emyn Muil
When we started to climb down from Snowdon, we realized we had got to the summit the easy path. The way down looked just like this, sharp rocks and steep slopes disappearing in the mist... Yes, this is one of the most beatiful parts of Snowdonia:) It was just like in Lord of the Rings when Frodo and Sam were trying to find their way down throug Emyn Muil. The only difference was that time from time, we walked around a rock and there was very phlegmatic sheep:)


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Squirrel-slayer Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
Thank you very much, my dear Mêl... And thank you for the love and best wishes and the cake, I accept them only so I can share them with youHug :)
MoonKestrel Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome, and of course we can share cake and enjoy it. I hope a little something arrives soon to your home ;) I'm sorry it went away too late to be there on time u.u 
abyss1956 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Thanks a lot for the llama :D (Big Grin) 
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Hi Edhel - thank you very much for the llama! :nod: :highfive:
MoonKestrel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Was it your fault that I bought "Thomas Gray Philosopher Cat"? I've just started reading it and it's so enjoyable and cute (specially with a nice cup of Earl Grey).
Squirrel-slayer Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
I would like to see it more like my merit than a fault but yes, I have suggested that book to you:) I am glad you enjoy it, it has very nice view from the feline perspective.
MoonKestrel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well, to your merit then. I'm just on Chapter 3, but it reminds me of other books I have enjoyed a lot before. 
saltytowel Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Good to see you around Edhel and glad I met you through Tink :)
MoonKestrel Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Next time you appear on dA feel free to find me on the other channel 
MoonKestrel Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Watched first chapter of Firefly (they're LONG, I didn't really know that and I was expecting just half an hour, rather than hour and a half!), I like the actor that is Wash (I mean to say I have seen other films with him and he always makes me laugh/smile), and Kaylee is cute :3 I find the doctor eye pleasing and I have the feeling I've seen him somewhere else. Not in love but not in hate of it. Might watch next episode as some point later on.
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