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School Group 3 Mass Effected by Squirrel-slayer School Group 3 Mass Effected by Squirrel-slayer
Two weeks ago, it was All Fools' Day and we played DnD with our usual party. I was the DM and I decided it had to be something special so I took our fantasy characters and made them great sci-fi space heroes:) Most of us have seen most of the sci-fi classic movies so I made this adventure like a collage of all those sci-fi thinks we like - Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Treck, Stragate, Dune, Space Odyssey... Seditta was the only one who didn't know any of them - she is still young and has a lot to learn:)

So from left:
Rung - Rung is usually an NPC (non-player-character) of our usual DM and this time simply PC. In our fantasy world, he is a kroll wizzard of great power, here he was a korull and some high class officer from United systems alliance who was there on inspection. He had some powerfull biotic implants (that channel power of his mind and could look like magic) and something like Thor's hammer. All the time he was taking notes what had the other done wrong:)
Kalevatar - is my green elven ranger and here she was the ship medic from the race of Driadin. They are folk who lives in a great symbiosis with nature and have learnt to use the sources the nature gives them. However they are very advenced - when they want to fly to the space, they simply get inside a tree and they fly:) Kalevatar was in some kind of comatose whole adventure so I didn't have to care about her.
Cinarea - is one of our new members and usually an elven ranger (very deadly with her bow and much tougher than Kalevatar). Here she was some air force officer from Elvin empire - the oldest and most advanced (and most bigheaded) race of this part of the Universe. She had nice sniper rifle and she was really disappointed when she couldn't keep it for our normal fantasy playing:)
Kar - is an highlander swordsman and here he was the bold captain of our ship (our Shepard:)) He used his lovely lightsaber but since he had no skills in range weapons (bows or crossbows) he didn't take any gun. And he regreted this because he could have look really tough and cool:) So I draw him some rifle at least.
Caeliuss - is usually kroll warrior and here he was a korull and Kar's X.O. Korulls are werry old race that raised the warfare to an art. Of course he had his lightsaber too but he also had something called two-handed slaughtering axe...
Seditta - is our another new girl and usually a highlander sorceress... and a baker. Here she was a yeoman (or Kar's office girl) and ship psychiatrist filled with all kind of biotic implants for her terrible magic... Actually her spells were totally useless so her most terrifying weapon was the rum-tea cake... She threw it on Darth Wader and the Monolyth! (Barbarian!)
Lares - is our dwarven rogue and here he was a Dvarian and ship pilot and some engineer. Normally, he uses a crossbow so here he had a shotgun:) Dvarians are race that is very skilled in building space-crafts and maintaining them. He should have some tools for all kind of things so I draw him a sonic screwdriver:)
L.A.C.E. - is my NPC and usually a human rogue specialised in lockpicking working with all kinds of mechanisms. Here she had severall roles - one was the ship artificial intelligence that appeared as a hologram and the other was a maintaining droid L.A.C.E. (Logic Android Class Engineer). (Actually, she was also the human engineer Alice Connor who designed the ship.) Well, she still behaved the same like usuall:) More about Lace here.

And of course USF LUCRETIA was a high tech prototype fregate our band got for playing. It was full of all kind of allien technologies - FTL drive was from Elvin empire, shields from dvarians, weapons from korulls, life support systems from driadins and it was designed by human. Of course it was inspired by Normandy from Mass Effect:)

All characters were drawn with pencil on more or less A5 paper, the space background was done using screenshots of WorldWide Telescope and there has been a lot of postproduction in photoshop. The planet was made according to the great tutorial by :icondinyctis: It can work as a wallpaper for 1366x1024 resolution and I have added also verision for 1366x768 wallpaper:) If anybody wants, I can try to adjust it for your own resolution (however I am not sure about bigger than 1366)
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